The camera never lies…

it just conceals certain truths!  After the big bathroom renovation, the cleaning team (me) moved in to scrub up the flat and get it ready to be photographed for our flat advertisement and to be viewed by prospective tenants.  What I’d previously thought was an empty flat turned out to have all kinds of little bits and pieces still floating around.  A pair of scissors, a jar of pens, alarm clocks and bags of tealights and forgotten photo albums and, erm, a Chelsea- themed pottery wall hanging (couldn’t leave THAT behind, heaven forbid)…

But, we got there in the end.  And then I had to take the photos.  There must be an art to these, probably involving an extra-wide angle lens which I helpfully didn’t bring to the flat with me, even though I have a camera with a wide angle lens. Oh well.  Its amazing how a couple of pieces of furniture make the place look cluttered.  So I moved them.  What you can’t see in each photo is chairs, tables, rugs, etc stacked up behind me as I take the shot!

Master bedroom.  After ironing the curtains in the living room, I didn’t really have it in me to iron the sheets as well.  Hopefully no one will notice.

This was bathroom number 1.  Still looks like new, thanks to the lovely travertine tiles and the excellent workmanship, of course 😉

Bedroom 2.

The ‘reception room’ and comfiest sofa in the world… with my special ‘tea shelf’ in the corner which Mark made for me so I would stop balancing mugs of tea on the arm of the sofa.  What a sweetie, and never one to miss an opportunity to drill some holes in the wall.

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