Pure evil

There is quite a lot of blogging to catch up on, but I must just allow myself to discuss events out of the order in which they occurred to address this:

This is our neighbour’s cat, whose name I have discovered is Lavender.  She is a lovely, sweet, inquisitive little cat who is probably about a year and a half old, and has a sister whose name I don’t know.  And yes, those are very sharp spikes which she is delicately negotiating her way round.

Our other (evil, obviously) neighbour, who owns the overly clinical, high-maintenance architect’s garden next to our flat, has installed spikes along the top of the fence to try and keep these kitties out of his garden, and also put netting over a hole they use to get out of the garden once they’ve jumped down into it.  What the photo doesn’t show is that the walls are very high and that little hole was their only way out.  Now, no one can deny that cats can cause a little bit of mess in a garden, and perhaps everyone doesn’t love cats as much as I do, but his draconian response was really unfair.

So he installed this stuff, and then inevitably the cats got stuck in his garden last night.  He was in the house, with the lights on, while the cats were crying and he refused to open the door to their owner.  Luckily there is a window that leads to the garden which a third set of neighbours were kind enough to let the owner have access to so she could get them out.

It should also be pointed out that this is by no means the first bit of meanness exhibited by evil neighbour.  I therefore humbly request that the universe conjure up and execute a punishment fitting to his horrible, inhumane behaviour, preferably while I am there to witness it.  I’ve thought of quite a few good ones already.

2 thoughts on “Pure evil

  1. I think semi-anonymous internet shaming is a solid first step for the universe to take against this evil neighbor.

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