Garden magic

What with one thing and another, I haven’t had much time to attend to the garden.  That hasn’t bothered these tenacious violas, however, which have bloomed the most incredible purply-blue in a crack in the pavement. Triumph in the face of adversity, indeed.

There are also white and pink hellebores, which are home to a really startling number of ladybirds.  In fact, the ladybirds seem to have colonised the entire garden- it’s almost impossible to take a step without coming across one, which means some very careful stepping is required to avoid squashing them.

There aren’t any ladybirds in this one (undoubtedly they’ve all considerately moved to one side so I can take the photo), I just liked the sunlight on the leaves.

1 thought on “Garden magic

  1. Gorgeous hellebores and violas! I think its a very good sign for a garden to have lots of ladybirds (I notice that you have become translated and are no longer calling them ladybugs!).Thank you for looking after the garden x x x Mama

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