Office views- a new series?

This whole having to go to work business does interfere with my ability to mess around with my camera and crafts… I may have to start a series entitled ‘views from my desk’ to try and multitask!

I can’t promise (or threaten?) that this will turn into a series, but I am lucky enough to have an office with two big windows through which the afternoon sun pours, should there be any.   This afternoon it was pouring more rain than sun, and blowing a gale into the bargain.  Just before sunset, though, the clouds parted and the sunlight caught the raindrops on the window, to stunning effect.  Whilst still concentrating the full weight of my legal mind on the matter at hand of course, I managed to snap these.

Happy thanksgiving!

As a sort-of-American transplanted to the UK, Thanksgiving isn’t really a holiday I have time to do much about… but I have made pumpkin pie this year in an attempt to educate my colleagues about a traditional American delicacy.  No messing around making pie from an actual pumpkin, puree from a can is the ‘authentic’ way.  I did manage to make the pastry myself, however, and will maintain that any imperfections in appearance were deliberately included to emphasise the pie’s rustic nature.

This little heart didn’t go anywhere, I was just messing around.


Lizzie’s birthday cake

It’s just a distant memory now, sadly (not even any crumbs left) but I was quite proud of my birthday cake for Lizzie the other week.  It was a vanilla cake with chocolate icing, and whilst I’m not sure I loved the cake recipe so much I’d make it again, it was tasty.  I had visions in my head of a very intricate swirly heart design in red (Lizzie loves red) but somehow the hearts were more wobbly than swirly, and the icing was resolutely pink.  You would not believe how much dye I put in to try and get it red!  Luckily, I have a whole year to work on perfecting the art of sisterly birthday cake-baking.

It really is so pink.  I think she still liked the cake though.

A sunny walk in the Chew Valley

My sister Lizzie came to visit this weekend, and on Sunday we went for a walk part way round Chew Valley Lake.  I, of course, raced out the door without my camera (you would think that as I profess to be a budding photographer I would get better at not doing that!) The light was so lovely that I had to try what I could do with my iPhone, so dawdled behind messing around with Hipstamatic and took the following shots.

I quite like these- although it does feel like cheating in a big way.  Note to self- remember camera next time!

Knitting appreciation

My sister Lizzie is a champion knitter (as is my mummy also.. see her posts here and here about her beautiful lacy knitting, some of which I was lucky enough to be the recipient of!)  Lizzie is also very patient with my demands and commissions for various knitted items, the latest two being mug cosies and a hot water bottle cover.  These are still in the design and manufacturing stages (I hope, unless she’s decided not to make them after all!) but I am already the proud possessor of a fantastic tea cosy.

She doesn’t have a blog, preferring to spend her time actually knitting (very sensible, I think), so I thought I would show off her superior knitting skills here.  Below is a photo of the tea cosy in its proper milieu, on the breakfast table with my egg, which was ably prepared for me by Mr. Meg who suggested I point out what an ‘eggspert’ he has become with things like poached eggs.  And he’s right- I wasn’t quick enough to photograph his poached eggs before they were in his belly, but they did look astoundingly tasty.

So, returning to knitting, Lizzie and I were very excited to spot some ‘guerrilla knitting’ in Munich.  I had seen some before in the UK, but am very impressed that it’s such an international phenomenon.  The cleverest one I’ve come across so far was in Bristol, where until recently there were painted gorillas scattered around the city as a public art project and then auctioned off to raise money for the Bristol Zoo.  I spotted one of these sculptures wearing a knitted bikini, which would be what can only be described as ‘gorilla guerrilla knitting’.  Brilliant.  Sadly I had no camera with me, but I was better prepared this time.

Isn’t it wonderful?  A bit of whimsy and random beauty on the street, for all to enjoy.  And an excellent use of yarns which might not have such obvious everyday application, at least not in my wardrobe.

I think this one is a bit of guerrilla knitting and also guerrilla painting of some kind.  As a not-terribly-great knitter who could perhaps contribute to this trend in some other medium, I was interested to see this approach.

So, keep your eyes peeled for random bits of knitting adorning objects in your city…