Putting the mud back in mudandmiscellany!

Most of the time I feel the subject matter of this blog has diverged significantly from its title, but not today!  We went for a wintry walk near Cheddar along the top of the gorge, and some recent rain meant that the paths were satisfyingly muddy.

We saw a few mountain goats nibbling on bushes and scampering up the cliffs.

It was a steely grey day, and quite cold, but there were still lots of berries and tasty things for goats to munch on.

I got a bit sidetracked photographing berries, so Mark wandered off.  He was being very patient, which is not his favourite thing to be.

On the way back we took a shortcut and walked along the road that runs through the gorge, which was spectacular.  I did keep thinking of those little mountain goats though and hoping they weren’t scrabbling around pushing rocks over the edge!

Mark then went to get into his cycling gear to cycle home while I photographed yet more berries…

He didn’t quite beat me and the car home, but he wasn’t that far behind!

It’s time for Christmas!

Hooray!  I love this season- the lights on the tree, the food, spending time with my family, listening to (and hopefully singing) Christmas carols.  In previous years I have been part of some choral group or other singing carols at concerts, but not this year, so instead I will gleefully sing along at my sister Lizzie’s concert.  Possibly without regard to whether audience participation is, in fact, encouraged.  I’m sure I won’t be the only one (my mother will be doing the same thing right next to me….)

This is the obligatory out-of-focus-christmas-lights shot, taken of our very miniature tree.  It has to be out of focus because that is how it looks best, and this is something I have known since even before I had a camera- when I was little, and we sat and enjoyed the tree with all the other lights in the house turned off, I used to make my eyes go blurry on purpose so it looked even prettier.

I have been crafting up a storm in preparation for the great gift-exchange, but all the projects are secret so I can’t put photos of them up (yet)!  Even some things which aren’t strictly presents but are related to things which ARE presents will have to wait, otherwise they might give the game away.  Still, at least they’re getting done, which is more than could be said for many other crafty projects this year.  What can I say, I work best to a deadline.  The crafts are now somewhat under control, so next up is food- cake, mince pies, cookies……  watch this space!