A visit to Yorkshire and plum & frangipane tart

Things have been busy at work recently, and life has interfered with fun things like blogging, but this weekend has restored the balance and given me something to blog about!  We went up to North Yorkshire to visit my uncle Tim, ostensibly so Mark could take part in a cycling sportive (which will no doubt be blogged about soon- see bikevcar for updates).  I did a little bit of cycling, but was also on a mission to re-create a glorious greengage and almond tart which Tim brought down to our house once last year.

There were no greengages about, but Tim found these lovely tart plums, which were an excellent substitute.  We used a different frangipane recipe to the one he’d previously used, and although it didn’t turn out as molten and gooey as the original, it was still very tasty.

And doused in double cream, it was pretty much perfect.

The recipe was in analog form only (ripped out of the pages of a magazine a long time ago) but I am hoping this one will be a good substitute.  I am particularly encouraged by the direction to ‘pour’ the almond mixture into the tart case, as my frangipane was certainly stiffer than pouring consistency, so this version may be more true to Tim’s original.  I may have occasion to make another one this week, so we’ll see!

A weekend in the big city

I went up to London last weekend to visit some dear friends and felt like a proper bumpkin getting off the train at Paddington and onto the tube.  In my first year in London, I studied law on the south bank and used to take the District Line every morning and walk across the Hungerford Bridge/Golden Jubilee Bridge to my lectures.  The view is breathtaking, and was a thrilling reminder that I was somewhere new, having lots of adventures in big, exciting London.

A few years (and adventures) on, I’m not in London anymore and while I miss it, I am happy in my new city of Bristol.  With a spare half an hour on a sunny Saturday afternoon, I couldn’t resist a return to my old stomping grounds.

I was a proper tourist, walking slowly and wide-eyed, enjoying the sunshine.  The landmarks in the photo above are not as clear as they could be, but I bet you can still guess what they are!

A watery view of Clevedon

Mark and I went to visit Clevedon recently on a bit of a ‘where shall we move?’ tour of Bristol and North Somerset.  It was raining cats and dogs all day, and then as we drove into Clevedon the clouds parted and the sun shone down on the coast.  I snapped the below with my iPhone.

Although I will not accept any comments about rainy English/Welsh (Wales is just off to the right, on the other side of the Severn Estuary which is the body of water you can see)/Brizzle Drizzle weather as we’re currently experiencing quite a severe drought, I will say that rain makes the views like the above possible.  Plus, rainbows.