Sunlight and leaves in the square

As you’ll know if you live in the UK, the weather for the past six weeks has been something of a trial for all but the most avid of gardeners.  It has rained, and rained, and rained, and I know I shouldn’t be churlish because we have had two dry years and are consequently still in drought even after all that wetness, but it does get a little depressing.  The weather is still ‘unsettled’, apparently, but yesterday it was unsettled enough to forget its habits of the past six weeks and just let the sunshine pour forth all day.  There is something about the quality of light when the sun shines after a heavy downpour- the air is so clear, all the colours look freshly painted.

Yesterday at 7pm, the sun was still shining brightly (hooray for longer evenings!) and lighting up the trees from the side so they glowed.  I went out into the square where we live and took a few ‘proper’ photos…

These are our last few days in the square, as we will shortly be moving to the countryside south of Bristol.  I am so excited!  We will have a big sunny garden so will need the weather to cooperate a little bit more to allow barbecues on sunny evenings.  Photos of our new environs will follow in due course…


Hmm… my last post was in March, and it is now May.  A bit of a whoopsie.  I think this is what happens when things get busy at work- my brain is done for the day by the time I get home, and I lounge on the sofa reading murder mysteries instead of doing the fun things that I like doing, (i.e. taking photos, sewing things, blogging) because those things require creative brain juices and my brain juices are fully squeezed by the time I get home.  Thanks, work!  Anyway, let’s not dwell on it.  My work is interesting and pays me well, so there is that.

Moving on to the photo illustration of today’s blog: I am not sure how I feel about iPhone apps like Hipstamatic and Instagram (the latter of which I haven’t tried).  They make things look all cool and moody and old-fashioned to the casual observer, and thus feel to me a bit like the photographic equivalent of a mock-tudor house in the suburbs.  Which isn’t to say that I won’t use them, but I suppose when I do I want to say ‘I am doing this in a knowing way! I am aware this isn’t really the real thing!’ as if everyone else who uses them thinks they are.  Maybe it doesn’t matter.

Which is a long-winded introduction to a photo of my lunch- almost certainly another modern-day cliche, the blogged lunch photo.  What can I say, dipping my toe back into blogging, my lunch was pretty today!  Banana, raspberries, blueberries and yoghurt.  I am getting excited about all the lovely berries which will soon be in season…. clotted cream at the ready!