A visit to UPFEST 2011

This Saturday we walked over to Southville in Bristol to investigate UPFEST 11, an urban paint festival at the Tobacco Factory, a great multi-use facility housing a theatre, dance and voice studios, a gym, restaurant, cafe, and lots of other things as well.  It was awe-inspiring watching the artists spraying/painting, and see the effects they are able to create.  The photos sell it better than I could, although sadly I forgot my camera and had to make do with the iphone again:

This artwork was one of the most compelling.   I think the subject matter was the recent protests in Bristol against a new Tesco Express opening up although I’m not absolutely sure.  The piece changed quite a bit as the day went on although sadly we didn’t stay late enough to see it finished.

Some other pieces which were quite cool:

I can’t claim to know much about the urban paint scene in general or its gender politics in particular, but it was inspiring to see some female artists, in fact a good number of them, working on pieces.  The ones below are works I particularly liked by women but there were quite a few others as well.