Happy feet

This isn’t a fashion blog, and oxfords are also now so ubiquitous that they are probably no longer the height of cool.  Which for me is irrelevant.

Having eyed up every pair I came across for quite some time, I finally bought some the other day, and my feet are happier than they’ve been in recent memory.  Positives for me are as follows: they are cute, a lovely colour (called ‘caramel’ on the box), and make me smile when I look at them.  Positives for my feet: they are not high heels, they are comfortable, and I can walk in them.  They might just be the holy grail of footwear.

My only difficulty now is that my feet are much cooler, sartorially speaking, than the rest of me, so I may have to seek new items of clothing so as not to let them down.

Thoughts? Opinions? Suggestions on clothes to match them?