A visit to Wells and Glastonbury

My sister came to visit for the ‘Royal Wedding’ bank holiday weekend, and we took a day trip to Wells and Glastonbury to see some impressive bits of stone.  Unfortunately I forgot my camera so had to make do with the iPhone.

The exterior of Wells cathedral, in all its glory.

The ceiling inside, beautifully painted.  I love seeing this, as I understand cathedrals and churches would have been painted in the past but the detail is often lost and hasn’t been restored.

The ceiling of the chapter house.

We stopped to pick up a picnic and headed to the ruined abbey in Glastonbury.  It didn’t survive the Dissolution so is in bits now, and is very picturesque.

The scale of the buildings does give you a sense of how powerful these orders of monks must have been in their time.  The money, manpower and time involved in creating these structures is almost beyond modern comprehension.  The craftsmanship is incredible too, and conserving it for future generations to see what people can do with their hands if they try is important, I think.